Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lower Cascades Falls, Hanging Rock State Park

Serenity Pool

Hanging Rock State Park, located in Danbury, NC is home to six waterfalls, and is probably the overall best location for viewing multiple falls near the Piedmont area of the state. The park itself is very easy to find with directions on their web page as either a JPEG or PDF download. Basically, you just follow NC 8 North from Highway 52 until you see the signs.

The Lower Cascades Falls is just barely inside the park on the Northern boundary. Just before you get to the main gates, you will see Moore's Springs Rd to the right. Take that turn, and follow it to Hall Rd where you will turn left. A small parking area is on the right and is marked giving notice of the falls. Once you park, you will have a 0.3 mile hike to the falls. This is an easy hike through a reasonably well maintained trail.  You will not have any problems bringing the family along on this hike.

Once you get to the falls, you will see several observation decks and stairs leading to the base of the falls. You can see the Lower Cascades Falls from any of the observation platforms, but I strongly recommend that you go down the steps to the base. It is here that you can truly see the power of this beautiful waterfall. You can walk right up to the cascades as long as you are willing to do a little creative stepping.  The pool is also calm enough that you can wade in it.  It seems to be about waist deep for the most part once you actually get in it.

The waterfall is not the only spectacular sight here. Be sure to look around, because downstream of the falls, about 100-150ft there is another cascading stream. The personality of this stream changes with the amount of water. I've seen it a bare trickle, and a full-on white water experience. I find this hidden treasure to be just as beautiful as the Lower Cascades Falls, and well worth the look.

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They're beautiful Greg, they look like oil paintings! Jeannette xx

pharmolo said...

Some great pictures there, Greg - and thanks for the suggestion. I've got one or two pics to organise myself (read as: 4,500) and this might be a way

moodymyke7 said...

Greg,  these waterfall pictures pull me right into them.  They are beautiful . I can hear the water cascading down and smell the moss . Your North Carolina is a lovely place,                             Myke

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i love waterfalls!

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 I'm so glad you decided to create a special journal dedicated to the beauty of your waterfalls.  They are all truly magical.  Thank you for sharing!  Michelle

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A Beautiful place to visit after a rough day:)

madcobug said...

I like the way the wide angle lens works on these photos. Giving depth as well as width. I was thinking I would end up with something similar to this in both but alas that was not to be. I am going to enjoy looka at all the results you get out of yours. Thanks for sharing, Helen