Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Behind the Window Falls:Hanging Rock State Park

Silent Lucidity

The background of the Window Falls, at Hanging Rock State Park, has been discussed previously, so I won't bore you with the directions and such in this entry.  I felt that this particular cascade deserved its very own entry. While you are hiking around the Window Falls, you will find a path leading to the ledge at the very top of the falls. It does not look like anything special, so most will pass it by. However, it is very much worth the climb.  I would caution you that the rocks can be slippery so take care when you are ascending to find this bonus cascade.

Above the Window Falls you will find two features. The first is a large hole in the rocky wall that gives the falls its name. It looks just like a window, and is a natural formation. I don't have any pictures of this, because the hole just doesn't hold that much attraction for me. However, you can see pictures of the window at Just scroll down a bit and you will see what I am talking about.

The subject that grabs my attention above the Window Falls is another small waterfall. It is tucked back almost in a cave of sorts. The mountain to the right provides a wall (complete with window by the way) and a ceiling above. To the left, and immediately behind the cascade is open, covered only by trees. This gives the site a very cozy feel, but is a photographer's nightmare when it comes to photographing in the deep shadows.

The End of Winter Photo Copyright © 2006 G. Kiser

Turning around from the small cascade, you can see a splendid view of the park. This picture shows the top of the Window Falls off to the right. You can kind of get an idea of how the shadows work in this pseudo cave, which I am still standing in for this picture.


rap4143 said...

Very pretty :) I need to return and visit your area :).

penniepooh said...

The Call of the Waterfall - wow, you`re a poet , too!!
I like the stories of the pictures.
I found the second one, The End of Winter especially interesting - seeing the water near the treetops.

rickardfoghorn said...

Hey Greg havnt visited your journals in a while, love the waterfalls... Well done Helen

inafrnz247 said...

"The End of Winter" reminds me of my own New England... I promise you, I could sit beside these falls for days and need nothing more.  ;o)  Michelle