Monday, September 18, 2006

Dugger's Creek Falls: Linville Falls

Serenity Cove
The Linville Falls area is just North of the Linville Gorge along the Blue Ridge Parkway. You can find this attraction at milepost 316.5 on the Blue Ridge Parkway, South of the Linn Cove Viaduct. A second trail head can be located off of Kistler Memorial Highway (Old NC 105) off of NC 183. To view Dugger's Creek Falls, your best bet would be the former which is where the main visitor's center is.

Once in the parking lot, you will find the visitor's center with a map of the park, and some pictures of the waterfalls. To see Dugger's Creek Falls, you will just need to follow the edge of the parking lot back to the street. You will come upon a small, marked trailhead to your right. Once you enter the woods, you will follow a very short trail to a bridge over Dugger's Creek. The falls will be to your right. While this is not a large waterfall by any stretch, it is probably one of the most interesting in the park. The way it sits in the woods, it almost begs to be photographed. If you are lucky, and can hold your breath to keep the swinging bridge from moving, you can get some great shots from the bridge itself. There is also a trail going down below for other views of the falls.

Hope Springs Eternal
When you hear people talk about the Linville Falls, you will rarely hear them mention this particular one. There are much more impressive falls in the park, but none that have the same quaint quality as this one. It is also on the shortest and easiest have no excuse not to see this one, except for periods of low rainfall.  This is one of those that will dry up very quickly.  In the drought plagued months this is barely even a trickle.  After a good rain however, I would rank this waterfall among the prettiest views in the entire park.


jlocorriere05 said...

I absolutely love this one Greg. Isn't it pretty?! You're so lucky to have all this around you, we have no natural falls near me but I can always share yours! Jeannette xx  

inafrnz247 said...

Ooh.. I just love them all, Greg, but this one really struck me as the most peaceful of today's falls... Very beautiful.  Thank you for sharing.  Michelle  

boiseladie said...

What a peaceful place.  You are so fortunate to have the land's beauty in close range.

rap4143 said...

Greg WOW!!!! Beautiful!!

bgilmore725 said...

Hi! Thanks for leaving your comment and link in my journal... the last time I checked out your journal, I checked out the other one. Didn't see the water fall journal til now... and wow! what great photos of places we love to visit. Except this is a new one for us... my husband and I have not yet visited Linville Falls. I guarantee you we will come next summer. Bea